Guide to Re-Opening Your Office

For Primary Care and Community Specialists

Developed by the Ontario Health West – SW Non-Hospital Pandemic Response Table, this guide is intended to support your local decision-making and circumstances when re-opening your office.

Links to external sources will ensure that you always access the most up-to-date information. 

Which in-person services do I start with?

Patient Communication

What patients need to know before they arrive, signage, requests for accommodation, etc.


Testing in office/elsewhere, case definition, reporting, Assessment Centres, and more.


Sanitizing offices/exam rooms, electronic devices, cloth gowns/ clothing/towels, restrooms, etc.

Scheduling - Physician/Provider

How to schedule your day, decide on virtual vs. in-person visits, re-configure your EMR, and more.

In-Office Flow

Physical office set up, reducing time in office, active screening, patient messaging/signage, etc.

Business & HR

Staff scheduling, staff/ physician absences, psychosocial supports, financial transactions, teaching, etc.


How to screen over the phone, online screening tool, current symptom list, etc.

Health & Safety

Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC); PPE for COVID +/- screen, stewardship, ordering, etc.

Patient Visits

Things to consider when planning for telephone or video/virtual visits, home visits, and more.

Print the full Guide to Re-opening Primary Care/Community Specialist Offices

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