Health and Safety

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)

Infection prevention and control (IPAC) knowledge is critical in order to protect patients and staff, and to help decrease the risk of transmission of infection in health care.

Online Learning – Public Health Ontario

All physicians, office managers and other employees are strongly encouraged to acquire basic infection prevention and control skills and knowledge by completing the IPAC Core Competencies online learning modules available from Public Health Ontario.

Local support from Public Health Ontario

For direct assistance, Public Health Ontario’s IPAC Regional Support Team-West is available to you. Find out more about their services, and contact them at or 1-866-916-1127.

If your staff contract COVID-19 at work

As an employer, you have a duty to report an occupational illness if your staff contract COVID-19 at work. Consult this Ministry of Labour resource on reporting workplace incidents.

Another resource from Middlesex London Public Health:

Routine practices

PPE ordering, requirements for COVID +/-,
PPE stewardship and more

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