Patient Visits – Things to Consider

This page outlines some of the considerations to think about for different types of patient care delivery, communication with patients/staff/colleagues, clinical placements, etc.

Telephone and virtual visits
Medico-legal concerns
  • CMPA
  • CPSO
  • Can I refuse service to a patient who refuses to wear a mask?
    • CPSO response: if you encounter a situation where a patient declines to wear a mask (or another face covering), sensitively explain the expectation that they wear a mask and the importance of protecting all involved by following the recommendations of public health organizations. Depending on your patient’s needs, and your ability to safely isolate and provide care, you may need to defer or reschedule their appointment or redirect them to a setting that can safely provide care to them. Be aware that some patients may have a health condition that makes it difficult or uncomfortable to wear a mask.
    • CMPA response
  • Can I charge patients for masks or PPE?
    • CPSO response: it is not appropriate to charge patients for any masks you provide or for any other increase in costs associated with managing your practice at this time.
  • CPSO position on communicating negative tests: “The CPSO has updated its’ position on communicating negative COVID-19 results.
    • A “no news is good news” approach may be used to communicate negative test results, particularly given the fact that patients can access their results via the province’s COVID-19 test results website.
    • If choosing this approach, physicians should clearly explain to patients that they can check their results on the website and that they will only be contacted directly in the event of a positive result.
    • Positive COVID-19 results must be communicated directly to the patient as soon as possible, given their significance”.
Requests for work accommodation
Diabetes care
Home visits
In-person visits – contact tracing
  • Person presenting with COVID-19 symptoms – document list of everyone who interacts with the patient for contact tracing purposes later?
    • Create EMR stamp or scheduler per provider?
Digital tools
Diagnostic support
  • Lifelabs
    • fax requisition to the lab
    • email or mail requisition to patient
  • Gamma Dynacare
  • Hospital Diagnostic Imaging – what’s available or not, modified hours?
  • Private/Community Diagnostic Imaging Centres – modified hours?
  • COVID Symptom assessment centre/swab
Consulting specialists
Community resources


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