PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Policy change: requesting PPE from ON pandemic stockpile

(Note that this policy is temporary, subject to change in the future. See below for requirements associated with this PPE supply.)

Ontario Health West is now able to supply primary care with PPE at no cost directly from the ON pandemic stockpile at the point of access (same conditions for PPE allocated from the provincial supply to date).

To request a transitional supply of PPE
  • Complete this form.
  • The West Region’s supply chain lead, Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) will process requests and deliver them over the next week. 
Conservation and appropriate use
Required reporting to Ministry virtual inventory
  • If you receive this PPE, you are expected to report into the critical supplies and equipment (CSE) virtual inventory, as directed by Minister’s Order for the health sector.
  • Information to submit: inventory levels and consumption forecasts to inform what organizations will use.
  • Why report? Accurate and timely reporting into the virtual inventory provides the province with the information it needs to support its pandemic response. 

If you have any questions, please email HMMSCOVID19@hmms.on.ca

Regular PPE Ordering

Required Health Care Worker Precautions

Middlesex London Public Health
Ministry of Health

A summary of required health care worker (HCW) precautions are listed below (from the May 22, 2020 primary care MOH guidance document):

Donning and Doffing
PPE Stewardship
  • Updated IPAC measures from Public Health Ontario
  • These PPE educational documents were carefully curated from reputable government agencies and have been provided with all PPE orders delivered to primary care.
  • How do I manage a ½ day in office where I’m seeing some in person and some virtual – taking mask on and off? 
    • Removing masks:
      • If you need to remove your mask (i.e. to eat), place mask face down on paper towel and avoid touching the outside surface when removing or re-applying.
      • Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.
Reporting PPE inventory
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