PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Get your free PPE start-up kit

On June 4, 2020, Ontario Health West announced an easy-to-use process to provide an initial allocation of PPE free of charge. This is meant to help you to ramp-up in-person care in a timely and safe manner, while continuing to provide virtual care as appropriate.

Fill in one order form per clinic address to obtain your PPE allocation. More details are found here.


Required Health Care Worker Precautions

Middlesex London Public Health
Ministry of Health

A summary of required health care worker (HCW) precautions are listed below (from the May 22, 2020 primary care MOH guidance document):

Donning and Doffing
PPE Stewardship
  • Updated IPAC measures from Public Health Ontario
  • How do I manage a ½ day in office where I’m seeing some in person and some virtual – taking mask on and off? 
    • Removing masks:
      • If you need to remove your mask (i.e. to eat), place mask face down on paper towel and avoid touching the outside surface when removing or re-applying.
      • Wash your hands immediately after removing the mask.
Reporting PPE inventory
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