Staff Scheduling / Self Screening

To consider:

  • If there are no patients in the office, do we need to wear masks, or just maintain physical distancing?
  • Develop your own office policy considering your office configuration and ability to physically distance.
  • Minimize the number staff in the office/clinic. Ask what tasks can be done from home or outside of regular hours to minimize staff interactions with each other and patients.
  • Stagger start times, shifts, breaks, and lunch times.
  • Create workflows to minimize number of people in one area of the premises, limit number of people working in one space at the same time/people sharing equipment according to business needs.
  • Utilize teleconferencing and video conferencing to hold meetings. If holding in person meeting, hold in large spaces to accommodate 2 meters’ distance between workers.
Staff self-screening for symptoms
  • Public Health Ontario recommendations for self-isolation while working
  • Require staff to screen themselves for symptoms before entering the clinic/office, understanding protocol will vary based on office size
  • Determine what should be done when staff report to work, e.g., temperature screening and masking like in LTC
  • Develop a notification protocol for staff to follow if they develop symptoms
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