Staff/Physician Absences

Guidance documents
To consider:
  • Cross-training of staff and planning for backfilling positions should a staff member be unable to work
  • Temporary Workers – agency? Do we need to worry about where else they’ve been working?
I need staff!
What if you are sick or test positive but have to work?
  • While at work, the health care worker (HCW) should adhere to universal masking recommendations, maintain physical distancing (remaining greater than 2m/6 ft from others) except when providing direct care, and performing meticulous hand hygiene.
  • These measures at work are required to continue until non-test based clearance (or test based clearance if required by employer/Occupational Health and Safety).
  • The HCW should ideally be cohorted to provide care for COVID-19 positive patients/residents if possible. The HCW on work self-isolation should not work in multiple locations.
  • See the provincial guidance for health care workers who test positive for COVID-19 for more information.
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