New PPE ordering system – Ontario Health West

This new process is designed to consistently address urgent requests for PPE across the Ontario Health West Region. 

NON-URGENT PPE needs (i.e., running low but not critical)

  1. Go through usual vendors to obtain.
  2. Access local donations. If unable to obtain, then…
  3. Submit a request to the Ontario Health West Portal

Requesting from provincial PPE stockpile

(Note that this policy is temporary, subject to change in the future.)
Primary Care is now able to temporarily access PPE from the provincial stockpile WITHOUT first going through normal vendors according to Ontario Health West.

To request a supply of PPE:
  • Complete this form. The West Region’s supply chain lead, Healthcare Materials Management Services (HMMS) will process requests and deliver them over the next week. 
Conservation and appropriate use essential:
Reporting into virtual inventory required:
  • If you receive this PPE, you are expected to report into the critical supplies and equipment (CSE) virtual inventory, as directed by Minister’s Order for the health sector.
  • Information to submit: inventory levels and consumption forecasts to inform what organizations will use.
  • Why report? Accurate and timely reporting into the virtual inventory provides the province with the information it needs to support its pandemic response. 

Please use the Ontario PPE Survey (Password: PPEsurvey2020) following these instructions.


If you have any questions, please email

Reporting PPE to the OMA

The OMA is asking physician offices to continue to respond regularly to the OMA PPE Survey to effectively advocate on your behalf to access PPE for community-based physicians. 

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